MiniMax: The Storage Place, Cairns
Car Storage
$50 p/w*
Stored in the Fully Fenced & Secure Yard With CCTV (No Roof Cover)
Stored in the Secure & Alarmed Warehouse, With Roof Cover.
Long Term Rate for Your Own Personal Lock Up Garage.
*Short term is $65p/w

The Affordable Rates Shown are For A Standard Car Size.
Click Here To Ask For A "Larger Vehicle" Quote
A Small Car, Family Sedan, 4WD, Station Wagon or Ute Are Considered Standard Car Sizes.

Car Storage Options
  1. Yard Car Storage Option At MiniMax: The Storage Place
    The Yard Option
    At $25p/w this is our cheapest option for Car Storage. But just because it's the cheapest, it does not mean it is not as safe and secure. The Storage Yard is fully fenced with Barbed Wire, has Limited Access, Security Alarms, CCTVs and On-site Caretakers. This option is best if you do not mind no roof cover.
  2. Warehouse Car Storage Option At MiniMax: The Storage Place
    The Warehouse Option
    This option is only $35p/w and the most popular option with our new and repeat customers! They enjoy the peace of mind with all the secure and safe features of the yard option but with a solid roof. Some storage places have shade cloth as their "roof" option, but we like to make sure your vehicle is fully out of the weather.
  3. Personal Garage Car Storage Option At MiniMax: The Storage Place
    The Personal Garage Option
    At $50p/w (for long term storage, 1month or longer) in your own personal lock up garage ($65p/w short term, 1-3 weeks). Again this option has all of the security and safety features of the yard option with the added bonus of locking your car away in it's own personal garage. You can supply your own lock so only YOU have access to it. This option is subject to availability

How To Store Your Car With Us:

  1. STEP 1:
    Once you book online or contact us to make your reservation, just bring your car to the depot location.
  2. STEP 2:
    We can call you a taxi, and while we wait, if you haven't already, we just need you to fill out our storage form.
  3. STEP 3:
    Then you're on the way to where ever you need to go! Most people are off to the airport. We know travel is stressful thus, we try our best to provide the easiest storage solution.
  4. STEP 4:
    Then your car is locked away until you come back. If you haven't provided an arrive date and time, it is ESSENTIAL to call or email 24 hours before your arrival! So there is no fuss and your vehicle is ready for you to drive away!